Hunter Kill Hunter

Hunter Kill Hunter typically deal with the personal battles that many can relate too, particularly on the second EP. But also have strong societal themes present throughout both the first and second EP.

The songs themselves are often highly emotionally charged, which becomes especially apparent in their live show.
The band play on a marriage between the pop-sensibility heard in their songs and a more cathartic and visceral display of emotions that is often seen during their live shows. It is this marriage which gives Hunter Kill Hunter their edge.

The latest track, We Are The Blame’ is about sticking to what you believe in, even when nobody else believes in you. We live in a world where if you’re going against the grain and not doing what your fathers before you have done then you’re seen as a failure. This song is about having faith in yourself regardless of what people think and pushing through your lowest points. Pushing yourself through times when you just want to give in.


Nik Hurwood

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