We Are Rage PR

UK Rock and Metal Promotion

Working with bands of the LOUD persuasion

Providing PR services that expose them to wider & new audiences

Because Music Matters

We love music! It doesn’t matter if the music comes from established bands or brand new talent – if we hear it and we like it, we’ll pimp it! We’re not ashamed to boast of the great bands we work with, our only success is their success.

Want to find out how we can help? Don’t hang about, get in touch now.  The sooner we start talking the sooner you can get that awesome music in the ears of those who need it!

Helpful Advice

We aren’t superhumans that know everything, but if we know something that can help you, we tell you.  It’s also fine when clients ask us things too, if we don’t know something, we can usually find out.  If you need UK Rock and Metal Promotion, then Rage PR are ready and waiting!