Privacy & Data


Rage PR is committed to ensuring that any personal information you share with us, is retained securely and only used for the purposes that you have given us permission for.

While we are not a large-scale data processor that has to provide all this information by law, we are firm believers that you should be aware of where and what data is held by companies about you.

Our promise to you

  • We will never share or sell any information you provide us with.
  • We will only use online services that convince us they keep your data safe and secure.
  • We will only use the information you provide for the purposes you agree to.


Rage PR’s data controller is Nik Hurwood, please address any data requests or queries to with DATA ENQUIRY clearly in the subject line.  We will ensure that all queries are dealt with quickly and transparently.

How we receive personal data

We have three channels that can receive a person’s information, these are:

Mailing Lists (we use Mailchimp).
Email (we use Google).
Social Media / Personal Contact.
Contracting (we use Adobe Echosign).
Invoicing (we use Quickbooks).

Clients names and addresses are stored securely for contracting and invoicing purposes.
Where we use online services, we only use those that we feel confident comply with legal data retention practices.

What personal data do we retain

We have three specific and distinct mailing lists, each of which have always required the consent of the subscriber.  Subscribers have either self-signed up to the lists through web forms or have requested that we add them.

Two of the three mailing lists are intended for contact with professionals in the media sphere, the large bulk being online writers, radio DJ’s and print journalists.  As is the nature of the industry, not all of these contacts are from “business” and especially in the online landscape some contacts are enthusiasts running their websites on a ‘hobby basis’.  In most cases we are retaining domain level email addresses that do not personally identify an individual (eg but we do also retain addresses that could, along with other information, be used to identify a person (eg  We may also record personal identification such as a contacts Full Name to enable us to address them in a way that is normal.

All of our mailing lists allows the subscriber to both unsubscribe and view the data we hold. Links are provided at the bottom of every email we send using Mailchimp.  We will also be happy to provide full details to any person that asks what data we hold.

The third mailing list is for bands that are interested in getting extra information that may benefit their band.  Again, this list is 100% opt-in and the only way to get on the list is for a band/person to self-subscribe.  They can unsubscribe or view the data we hold at any time.

How do we use your personal data

When a person provides us with their contact details, whether that be business level or personal details, they are doing so with a view to either working with Rage PR or finding out if they want to work with Rage PR.  We organise your contact details so that we are able to contact you only about relevant information or for specific work-related tasks.

One example of a normal daily task would be for us to contact a section of a mailing list, asking if they would be interested in publishing a piece of news.
In this example, the contact would have previously provided consent to receive emails from us of this nature.

We may also speculatively email or contact a new prospect, it is likely that we would have found their contact details listed publicly on their website, for the purpose of people getting in contact. In this situation, we would introduce ourselves and ask if they would be interested in hearing from us more regularly. Our policy is for all subscribers to self-subscribe to our lists, effective May 2018.

The data that Rage PR holds is only available to immediate staff members. Only the data controller is able to download or create a backup of the mailing list data.

Our core aim is to ensure that we are not simply storing an “email list” but cultivating relationships with the people we contact.  We view their interaction as consent to keep that relationship alive and will respect their requests where possible.

Other forms of data

We use website traffic monitoring through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. For both services, we do not receive any personal information that could lead us to identify an individual.  We can see high-level information such as a geographical area that a person is browsing from, and even what kind of device they are using.  We use this information purely to see if our website is structured in the best way possible, and how we can improve the experience we give to visitors.

It is likely that we will also use this high-level information when choosing demographic and viewer options for online advertising. The aim is to reach “people like those that already showed an interest”. It is important to restate that no personal information is available or retained through these methods.

Rage PR is a trading style of Dreamleaf Media, clients will receive invoices from Rage PR payable to either Rage PR or Dreamleaf Media.