With riffs fit to grace arenas one day, and with a rapidly growing reputation for being a hugely entertaining live act, now is the perfect time for us to introduce you to Hollowstar. Hailing from Cambridgeshire, Hollowstar are a band on a mission; To make some of the finest rock and roll ever heard on this side of the Atlantic.

Always keen to push their boundaries and evolve their sound throughout their two years together as a band, Hollowstar are delighted to announce their first official release. The ‘Some Things Matter’ EP will be released on the 2nd of June, and is eagerly awaited by the band’s growing fanbase all around the UK and beyond.

The year ahead will see Hollowstar continue to take their sound further afield, with the lads making appearances at prestigious festivals throughout the UK whilst finalising preparations for their own UK tour; the ‘Some Things Matter Tour’ will coincide with Hollowstars first official EP release of the same name.

Make sure you experience Hollowstar live and loud at the following shows:
30th April – Bike4life Festival, RAF Cosford. WITH THE WHOLLS
3rd June – Luke Jarvis Memorial Festival, Stowmarket
1st July – Needingworth music festival
5th July – Parsons Drove Classic and custom car show
5th August – Brickmakers, Norwich WITH NEW DEVICE
23rd September – Subterranean Festival, Cambridge