Quick Tips for Music PR

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While the black arts of music PR can be hard to understand, there are quick PR tips available that bands and artists can make use of right now. Read below for some common sense quick tips and get started on your self-promotion.

Be Easy To Speak To!

Assume everyone is lazy – never make them have to hunt for your contact details!

Manners Are Free!

Don’t let easy & quick modern communication fool you! Be polite, say please & thank you… treat others as you want to be treated.

Know Thyself!

You WILL be asked to give a concise description of yourself/band – have this prepared, practised and polished. This is one time you don’t want to go “well… erm… think of….”.

Check Us Out, We're Awesome!

You’ve created some fantastic music, with a kick ass video – you tell people how great it is, but I have to scroll for 5 minutes on Facebook to find it…. re-sharing is the mutts.

Best Stuff, Be Like A Toffee

Most social networks allow for a “sticky” or “pinned” piece of content – USE IT! Put the thing you really want people to see there. Schweet!

Set Goals & Fail Them Regularly

Set yourself some really hard to reach targets, then fight really hard to reach them. If you keep achieving your goals, you aren’t setting them high enough! Don’t go easy on yourself, you are worth more than that!

Hey Good Lookin!

Professional promotional photography is not to be ignored. It also doesn’t have to cost the earth, look around for some bands with awesome promo shots and find out who did them!

Be Robots

Imagine that every person that clicks like, or retweets something is a fan of yours – work hard at becoming masters of social media. Nurture your connections and assimilate them into your Borg collective.

Save Your Rant

Someone has written a bad review, or said something not very nice…. you go RAWR! No, you shush your mush and retain the moral high ground. People WILL judge your outburst.

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Inbox Killer

Attaching audio or high res image files to emails is evil. Use services like Dropbox or Wetransfer to send your files, having them organised makes people like us happy, be a hero.. go on.

Build Anticipation








Be Involved

It’s the job of every band member to be as involved as possible. ┬áSomething as simple as re-sharing the bands Facebook post has an impact. If you’re holding back you are missing out… get involved!

Tag, You're It!

If you are submitting your own tracks for radio play, or using uploaders – make sure your files are properly tagged. Missing or incorrect tagging is a sure fire way to not get airtime!

Give 'Em What They Want

Thinking about that next merch item, that next tee design…. maybe ask the people you want to buy them if they have any ideas. Collaboration with your income source can’t be a bad thing right?

Guard Your Tongue

It can be easy to engage in a bit of fun banter on social media. Remember that what you say is public and some people like to make the most innocent of jokes into something you didn’t intend. Have fun, but self censor!