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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Campaigns Last?

What + How + X = Duration

A number of factors go into determining campaign durations. Most importantly we need to ensure there is enough time to service your release to the right outlets. So, if we’re pitching to Print magazines, they require a longer lead time due to having fixed deadlines sometimes months in advance of publication.
We also factor in other details, for example, do you want to release 1 single or 2 before the EP/Album release. Each individual track needs time to circulate without the competition from a 2nd track too soon.

So, in short, we cannot provide a fixed duration unless we know the details about your campaign.  To enable you to plan, here’s a rough guide:

  • Single / Video release – 6 weeks to 2 months
  • EP release – 6 weeks to 3 months
  • Album with one single – 3 months minimum
  • Album with two singles – 4 months minimum

As always, if you would like to discuss a timeline or plan with us, please use the contact page to email in the first instance.

"We Want Kerrang, Can You Guarantee That?"

In a word, ‘No’, sorry about that!

No PR company or promotion agency can guarantee any coverage, and the higher up the food chain, the bigger the competition gets – and we would advise you to avoid any company that says “yeah we can do that”.

We will do everything possible to get you high-level coverage, as seeing your lovely faces in a magazine is a great boost to a bands stature, but it is important to remember that it is simply one part of a much bigger picture.  All bands want this high-level coverage but the reality is that most won’t get it at the level they currently are, this is where a strategy is needed to raise the profile of the band to get to a level that the bigger outlets can’t ignore them.

With the known decline in print media sales, staffing levels are at an all time low, sometimes with people doing multiple jobs. With pressure to ensure a profitable publication, more reliance is being placed on the “big label” acts, that are in a position to also provide advertising revenue which sadly does have an impact on the smaller/newer acts hoping to get a foot in the door.  Nothing is impossible, but it is important to understand the playing field.

Can I Afford It?

Is Your Music/Band Important Enough To Be Invested In?

The music industry, is just that, an industry. It’s a business, and you are the product.  As in all businesses the level of success can usually be linked to the level of investment. Why would you buy all that great equipment, work for countless hours refining your sound and show, spend £thousands going into a studio with a great producer… and then stop there.  Investment in promotion is a vital key ingredient that should not be overlooked.

So, can you afford it?

We always try to explain that everything we do, could be done by you if you have the contacts and experience. And if you are currently doing your own PR & Promotion and seeing great results, carry on and invest your money in something else that will raise the bar for you.  One thing we hear a lot is that people are “doing it themselves” but have either hit a ceiling and don’t seem to be able to break through, or they simply don’t have the time on top of life and every other aspect of running a band, in that case, the investment is a worthwhile one.

Let’s be very clear, you already know that being in a band is an expensive hobby, and even more expensive if you want it to be a career. The stark reality is that most bands have to work full-time jobs to support their creative endeavours, we understand that, and aim to keep our pricing as low as we can so that you have access to our services.

A Marathon Not  A Race

Bands also need to understand that effective PR not only has an immediate effect (‘someone watched my video’), but also in the longer term, a gradual raising of their profile. For every mention your band gets online, that builds the larger profile and ability for awareness, for every radio play or TV spot, these get logged and searched by the “big players”.  Every band needs to work on increasing both their presence in media outlets and also their direct to fan strategy.

There is a 0.001% chance of becoming an overnight success story, so if you’re serious about climbing the ladder, be prepared to have to invest at some point.

How Do I Sign Up With Rage PR?
The first step in working with Rage PR is by you introducing yourselves.  It should be obvious, but please make sure you provide us with as much information as possible, as early as possible.

At the bare minimum, we need to know:

  • Who you are
    You would not believe the number of emails we get saying “I’m in a band, please tell me what you can do for us”. Unless you tell us who you are, we aren’t going to be able to check you out. Help yourself out, and make it easy.
  • What you sound like
    Send links NOT large files, wetransfer and dropbox are great!
  • Where we can find out more
    Social media accounts, Website, EPK
  • What you have coming up
    We can only advise on things we know about, it’s also ok to be unsure – but make sure you tell us or we can’t help

Once we have received your enquiry, we will check you out. We aim to reply to all enquiries, even if we are saying we don’t think you are a good match for us, because no-one likes to be left hanging.

Next steps…

If we love what you have going on and want to take it further we will provide you with a high-level campaign overview, based on the information you have told us about, and give you a quote.  We want you to be able to see how we work, and understand in advance how much it will cost.

If you like what we have to offer, and want to proceed, we will send you a contract (that you can sign online) and invoice. We require payment prior to starting work, if you would prefer to split the cost of the campaign into more manageable instalments, we can discuss that. However, in certain circumstances, we may offer discounts for campaigns that are paid in full.

Once a campaign has started, it is important that you tell us as early as possible, if anything from the original plan has changed.  We are here to provide you with an opportunity to bounce ideas or recommend different ways of doing things, think of Rage PR as an extension of your band.  Obviously, all final decisions are yours to make, but having an extra opinion is always helpful.

What Else Do You Do?
We have a growing list of related services that can be used either alongside our PR services or as standalone services.

Such as:

  • Digital Distribution
  • Advertising Placements
  • Youtube Video Promotion (pre-roll ads etc)
  • Social Media design
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • EPK Design

These services are chargeable and not covered by our monthly packages unless by prior consent.
Please get in touch to find out more.

Don't Be Shy

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