William Control

It isn’t every day that an unsigned artist tops the charts, but that is exactly what William Control has done with his new release ‘The Pale E.P.’. Not only has the first instalment of the eagerly awaited new album ‘Revelations‘ hit number one in the Billboard Dance/ Electronic charts, it has also scored the number one spot in the Heatseekers chart too!

The Revelations album will be split in to four E.P.’s, Pale, Black, Red and White. Unlike previous releases where Control wrote, played and recorded the songs, for this release he enlisted the help of his bandmates (bassist Kenneth Fletcher, drummer Benny Tourkantonis and synth op Ian MacWilliams), dubbed the Neuromantic Boys.

‘Everything from the hulking synth-popof lead single ‘The Monster’ to the electronic darkness of ‘Mother Superior’ pulses with broadened streams of dark romanticism and sensual discovery. If these songs are just the first steps, Revelations should be just that. KKKK’

‘Promising to unleash the neuromantic movement on us, The Pale E.P. is a ballsy move which will leave you desperate for the next three E.P’S’

‘Revelations: The Pale is overall a culmination of dark electronica and an outlook on romance that can only be compared to the likes of Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker. 9/10’
Pure Grain Audio