Bowling For Soup

There’s a place called The Sweetwater Tavern just off the main square in Denton, Texas. You’ve perhaps not been there, but if you’re familiar with Bowling For Soup, the larger than life Texan band who have delivered infectious power pop music to the world for over two decades, you’ll most certainly know the name.Why?Because rather than trying to break away from their hometown, BFS simply took their hometown with them and into the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

It’s this lovable honesty that has served them well since forming back in 1994. Everyone can relate to what BFS sing about, everyone can relate to the characters in the band – singer Jaret Reddick, guitarist Chris Burney, bassist Erik Chandler and drummer Gary Wiseman – we want to be their friends, heck, as far as they’re concerned, we ARE their friends!

And now with the first new Bowling For Soup album in three years, Drunk Dynasty is a short, sharp collection of uplifting, tongue-in-cheek and fun pop punk – exactly what one might expect from them. From lamenting on a relationship as only Bowling For Soup can with the opening “She Used To Be Mine” through to the thoughtful, sad yet uplifting (all at the same time) closing track “Drinkin’ Beer On A Sunday”, Drunk Dynasty is a Bowling For Soup album that should have something for almost everyone.

The first single from Drunk Dynasty is the very catchy Hey Diane, which is inspired by and dedicated to a long term friend of the band.

Jamie Giberti

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