Smiling Assassin

Smiling Assassin are a hardcore punk four-piece, formed in early 2019.

The name is inspired by the collective’s experiences and frustrations with the current economic and socio-political climate.

The Smiling Assassin is a so-called friend who is really an enemy whose main weapons are inconsistency and unpredictability. They use rumour to undermine colleagues and adopt a passive-aggressive, indirect, dishonest style of dealing with people and issues. Basically, this is a friend who stabs you in the back.

The group has been gigging consistently since September of last year and has gained a dedicated following around Yorkshire thanks to honest, explosive and intense live shows. With a great sense of brand and the intention of being a voice for the voiceless in the UK punk scene, Smiling Assassin immediately hit the studio to begin work on their debut album, ‘Plight of the Millennial’ finding a home for it at Warren Records.

The band’s intention is to modernise the punk scene, and to shed light upon some of the issues that young people are facing in 2020.