The UK has a long and proud history of producing the highest quality progressive rock and metal bands, from Marillion to TesseracT with countless bands in between; Now Memoreve are set to continue that tradition with their stunning debut EP Insignia.

Formed by members of bands such as UK metal underground favourites Dreamcatcherand Power Quest, Memoreve are a band that will have the listener reaching for the volume to turn it up from the first time they hear them. With a fine blend of experience and the blazing ambition and drive of their new project powering them forward, their first release, Insignia, is the start of a journey that Memoreve want to take you on with them over the next few years. Insignia was released worldwide on the 21st of October, with Robin Adams of Red Seas Fire handling mastering and mixing duties.

The members of Memoreve have had the following to say about Insignia: 
“Making INSIGNIA has been an incredible experience for all of us. We’ve come from all of our different origins, brought all of our inspirations together and put all our different attitudes on life and music into making this record. It’s proved that we have exactly the right people in the band to make the right kind of music together. We walk into rehearsal studios, venues or whichever bedroom we’re recording in that day and it just feels right.

INSIGNIA embodies the passionate, powerful and genuine music we all want to make, and we’re incredibly proud of it. To top it all, we even get to work with the most devoted, committed and authentic members of a group we all could ask for!

MEMOREVE wants to make music that means something, music that makes you feel strong and music that opens your eyes. With INSIGNIA, the first chapter of our full debut record, we feel like we’ve tapped into that and couldn’t be happier. And this is only the beginning!”

Jamie Giberti

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