Alter Eden

Originally formed in 2011, the band came into existence as a side project while the various members were still in other bands, they immediately hit the road and did a quick tour before getting busy with their main projects. Spring forward a couple of years and singer Nick Pilgrim and guitarist Alex decided to rekindle the fire and sought out a new bass player and drummer – Alter Eden was now their only focus. With the addition of Matt Latham and Simon Whitney, Alter Eden was ready to rock and went forth and did just that. A quick bass player switch in 2015 saw Aled Roberts joining the lineup and their debut EP ‘Fearless’ was written, recorded and released.

Alter Eden’s direct, punchy sound has got the right ears twitching and afforded the band the opportunity to support bands such as ‘Max Raptor’, ‘Black Peaks’ & ‘I Cried Wolf’. The band’s ethos is 100% centred around providing great music to as many people, as often as possible. As far as the band is concerned, the fans are their bosses and the people consuming are at the heart of everything the band does.

Nik Hurwood

PR Contact

Please contact in the first instance with all enquiries